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Getting to Carnegie

'Getting to Carnegie' - Described by the Huffington Post as “America’s Got Talent meets Carnegie Hall”, this short documentary examines the question of 'what ever pushes us to do the extraordinary' within the context of a one-of-a-kind classical music competition in which the audience decides the winner.


​It is also the story of four superb young cellists, competing in a one-of-a-kind competition, and of the cello sonata they are premiering in a contest created by Steinway Artist, Julian Gargiulo, whose unconventional and interactive approach to classical music is bringing a whole new audience into today's concert halls. The four chosen finalists, hailing from Hungary (Anita Balázs), South Africa (Jacques-Pierre “JP” Malan), South Korea (Chae won Hong), and Cuba/Hungary (Anna Litvinenko), join Gargiulo on the Carnegie stage in the hopes of winning over the audience and securing the most votes. 

'Getting to Carnegie' is a short documentary meant to raise more questions than it answers. At its heart is the question: “What is it that ever pushes you to do something important?' 


'Getting To Carnegie' brings charisma and passion to the screen, giving life to Gargiulo’s very visual musical compositions and the melting pot of personalities it documents.

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